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Internet of Things and It's impact

Now we are entering into the new technological era where in near future most of the device will be 'Talking' with each other to improve the experience delivered by them.  This is called as Internet of Things, it mostly deals with M2M communication.
Internet of Everything... it is the concept originated at Cisco. It is based on interaction of machines, data, processes, users, etc.. It is stylised as Internet of Things. The concept of Internet of Things was invented by and coined by Peter T. Lewis in 1985 in a speech he delivered  at FCC supported conference.

As of today IoT has evolved and along with machine learning it has found its application in many fields of work. It can be employed in ubiquitous computing, real-time analysis, sensor networks, fog computing, etc. IoT plays a major role in automation which involves communication between the sensors, actuators or output devices and compute module which might or might not be integrated. Also with th…